Basic Interview Questions from HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) is the basic markup language used for web designing. If you want  to become a good web developer then you have good knowledge of HTML. Some important questions or point to be remember in html are as follows.

Q1) What is HTML ?

Q2) What is Tag?

Q3) What is attribute with respect to tag in HTML ?

Q4) what do understand  by Html Document? Explain the different part of HTML Doucment.

Q5) Explain the header section ?

Q6) What is Title Tag?

Q7) Do All Html tag have end tag?

Q8) What do you understand by semantic HTML?

Q9) What is Image Map?

Q10) Can we apply hyperlink to an Image ?

Q11) What do you understand by style sheet?

Q12) write the syntax for internal style sheet?

Q13) Write the syntax for making an Image background of an web page.

Q14) Explain the use of Span Tage in Html.

Q15) What is Canvas in HTML 5?

Q16) Explain the differnt element of from in HTML.

Q17) Which Video format is supported by HTML?

Q18) Write the syntax for Button Tag.

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