Most Common Programming Errors in C

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In this post, I am telling about some common programming errors that are mostly occurred at the time of writing a program in C Programming language. These errors are as follows:
common programming erors in c
(1) Missing semicolon: Every C statement must end with a semicolon. A missing semicolon is
confusion to the compiler and may result in misleading error messages.
(2) Missing braces: Very common error as it is common to forget a closing brace. Number of
opening braces should match number of closing braces.
(3) Undeclared variables: C requires declaration of variables before their use.
Forgetting the precedence of operators: Expression are evaluated according to precedence
of operators. It is very common for beginners to forget this.
(4)  Mismatch of parameters in function calls: There may be mismatch in actual and formal
parameters in function calls.
(5)  Missing ‘&’ operator in scanf call.
(6) Crossing the bounds of an array.
(7) Unending and sometimes wrong loops.
(8) Using uninitialized pointer that points to garbage.
(9)  Improper comment characters.

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