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Computer networks is an important subject for gate cse exam.Computer networks notes or gate cse syllabus for computer networks subject is presented in this post. These computer networks notes are explained in form of different article. Link of computer networks tutorial for different topic is given here.I hope these computer networks tutorial will assist to cover gate cse syllabus for computer networks and preparation.
data communications and networking

Data communications and networking

In data communications and networking we connecting different computers and communications devices to make a computer networks this had a large influence. On the way computer systems are organized. The concept of the ‘computer center’ as a server room with a large computer  and devices to which users bring their work for processing is now  become obsolete. 
The old model of a single computer serving all of the organization’s computational needs has been replaced by one in which a large no. of separated but interconnected computers do the job in data communications and networking. These system are called computer network.
Objectives behind the study of this data communications and networking subjects are
  • To develop an understanding of computer architecture and its performance.
  • To Introduce students about different types of network and network topology.
  • To Introduce about different networking protocols and their working.
  • To make aware students with emerging technologies and their impact.
Pre-Requisites:  Student should  have knowledge of Computer Fundamental, Hardware, Basic of  networking devices.

Gate cse syllabus of Computer Networks

Computer networks notes for the following topics will, be covered on this portal.
1. Introduction and Layers
This is the first unit of computer network notes. In this unit computer networks basics are covered. The content of this unit is as follows
·        Introduction to computer network basics
         Goals and Applications of Networks
·        Network structure and architecture
·        The OSI reference model and services
·        Network Topology Design
·        Delay Analysis
·        Back Bone Design
·        Local Access Network Design
·        Physical Layer Transmission Media
·        Switching methods
·        ISDN
·        Terminal Handling.
2. Data Link Layer
This is the second unit of computer networks notes. In this unit following topics are covered.
·        Medium Access sub layer
·        Channel Allocations
·        LAN protocols
·        ALOHA protocols
·        Overview of IEEE standards
·        FDDI.      
·        Data Link Layer
·        Elementary Data Link Protocols
·        Sliding Window protocols
·        Error Handling
3. Network Layer
This is the third layer of osi model. In this unit different concepts of network layers have been covered. These are as follow

·        Point – to Point Networks
·        Routing
·        Congestion control Internet-working -TCP / IP
·        IP packet
·        IP address
·        IPv6.
4. Transport Layer
Transport layer is the next  to network layer  of osi model. In this units different concepts of this layer are covered. The concepts are as follows
·        Transport Layer

·        Transport layer design issues
·        Connection management
·        session Layer
·        Design issues
·        Remote procedure call.
6.Presentation Layer
At presentation layer following concepts are covered.
·        Design issues at presentation layer

·        Data compression techniques
·        Cryptography
·        TCP
·        Window Management.
7.Application Layer
At application layer following concepts are covered.
·        Application Layer Introduction

·        File Transfer
·        Access and Management
·        Electronic mail
·        Virtual Terminals
·        Other application.
·        Example Networks – Internet and Public Networks.
Text Book for Computer Networks
1. Forouzen, “Data Communication and Networking”, TMH
2. A.S. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, Pearson Education
3. W. Stallings, Data and Computer Communication, Macmillan Press
References Book For Computer Networks
1. Anuranjan Misra, “Computer Networks”, Acme Learning

2. G. Shanmugarathinam, ”Essential of TCP/ IP”, Firewall Media

Computer Networks Tutorials

Here you will get various tutorial related to Computer Networks concepts and examples that will help you to solve the Computer Networks based questions for Gate Exam.

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