HTML5 tutorial for beginners

HTML5 tutorial for beginners

This html5 tutorial for beginners covers the basics of html 5 such as introduction of html5, html5 tags list, common html5 tags, html5 new features etc.
(A) Overview of HTML 5      
HTML5 is a hyper text markup language used foe web development or website design. HTML 5 came into existence in January 2008.
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology 
Working Group) are two major organizations which played an important role in the development of html 5.
In the next section of this html5 tutorials for beginnerswe will learn about common html5 tags.

(B) New elements in htlm5 or html5 tags list

This section covers the html5 new features and common html5 tags. There are some new elements or tags in html5.

Some common html5 tags or html5 tags list is as follow


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