Operating system tutorial

Operating system tutorial    
 Link for different operating system tutorial are given in this post.  The objective behind this post is to make aware of  operating system. Links for operating system notes are given in this post. These notes of operating system are explained in for operating system tutorial for different concepts of operating system. Some important topic to be asked in gate exam are listed in this article.These operating system notes will be really helpful for the students.
operating system gate questions and answers
A) What is operating system?

Operating System is a software which is used to manage computer system components and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. 

Sometimes we also call operating system an interface between user and hardware. The operating system provides an environment for application software to work. 

A special operating system types called time-sharing operating systems which schedule tasks for efficient use of the system and may also include accounting software for cost allocation of processor time, mass storage, printing, and other resources.
Objective of these operating system tutorial provided in this post is to help the students gain an understanding of the Operating System and its application in the real world. It also gives a better glimpse of the design and the Implementation of the OS and also encompasses the various issues either related to the technical or theoretical.
After studying these operating system notes students must able to know –
·         Basic functions of the operating system.

         Different types of operating system and how they work.

         How the operating system supports to execute a program or process.

         Process synchronization

         How the operating system manages memory

         How the operating system handles Input/output and disk.

         File system and file system security in the operating system.

To study this subject it is necessary to have Knowledge of programming language C, elementary data structures and architecture of the computer. In this subject, we study the principle and concepts of operating systems such as processes scheduling , process synchronization, memory management, file systems etc have been explained in these operating system tutorial.
(B) gate cse syllabus for Operating system 
           1.  INTRODUCTION
o   Operating system and functions
o   Classification of Operating systems- Batch, Interactive, Timesharing, Real-Time System, Multiprocessor Systems, Multiuser Systems, Multiprocess Systems, Multithreaded Systems,
o   Operating System Structure- Layered structure, System Components,
o   Operating System services, Reentrant Kernels, Monolithic and Microkernel Systems.
o   Process Concept and process control block.
o   CPU Scheduling: Scheduling Concepts, Performance Criteria,
o   Process States, Process Transition Diagram, Schedulers,
o   Process address space, Process identification information,
o   Threads and their management,
o   Scheduling Algorithms, Multiprocessor Scheduling.
o   Deadlock: System model, Deadlock characterization, Prevention, Avoidance and detection,        from deadlock.
o   Principle of Concurrency,
o   Producer / Consumer Problem, Mutual Exclusion,
o   Critical Section Problem, Dekker’s solution, Peterson’s solution, Semaphores,
o   Test and Set operation;
o   Classical Problem in Concurrency- Dining Philosopher Problem,
o   Sleeping Barber Problem; Inter-Process Communication models and Schemes
o   Basic bare machine and  Resident monitor
o   Multiprogramming with fixed partitions,
o   Multiprogramming with variable partitions,
o   Protection schemes, Paging, Segmentation, Paged segmentation,
o   Virtual memory concepts, Demand paging, Performance of demand paging,
o   Page replacement algorithms, Thrashing, Cache memory organization, Locality of reference.
5.      I/O Management & File System
o   I/O devices, and I/O subsystems
o   I/O buffering, Disk storage and disk scheduling, RAID.
o   File concept, File organization, and access mechanism,
o   File directories, and File sharing,
o   File system implementation issues,
o   File system protection and security.
(C) Operating System Book References

Following books are referred to prepare these operating system tutorial
1.   Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, “Operating Systems Concepts”, Wiley
2.   Sibsankar Halder and Alex A Aravind, “Operating Systems”, Pearson Education.
3.   Harvey M Dietel, “ An Introduction to Operating System”, Pearson Education
4.   D M Dhamdhere, “Operating Systems : A Concept based Approach”, McGraw Hill.
5. Charles Crowley, “Operating Systems: A Design-Oriented Approach”, Tata McGraw Hill Education”.
6. Stuart E. Madnick & John J. Donovan. Operating Systems. McGraw Hill.
(D) Operating system notes
Here you will get various article and operating system notes related to operating system concepts and examples that will help you to solve the operating system based questions for Gate Exam.
Operating system tutorial
(E) Operating System Based Questions for Gate Exam
(F) Operating Interview Questions

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