Software Engineering Interview Questions

Software Engineering is an Important subject of Computer Science and Engineering. This subject covers details of all the models which are used to develop a software and the testing techniques to test the software after it’s development. Different models are also used to calculate the cost of software development. 

In the previous years in the competitive examinations like GATE/NET lot of questions were asked  from software engineering. If you are going to work in software development industry then also you should have good knowledge of this subject.

Important baisc Questions in Software Engineering,Software Engineering, Watrefall model, software development life cycle,iterative model

In this post I am going to tell you some important questions to be ask from software engineering.

Question 1: What do you understand by the term Software and Software Engineering ? How Software Engineering is different from other engineering?

Question 2: What is software process ?

Question 3: Explain the different phases of Sofware Development Life Cycle.

Question 4: Explain the Water Fall Model for software development. Write the advantage and disadvantage of waterfall model.

Question 5: Explain the Prototype Model of Software development. What are the main advantage of Prototype model over Waterfal model.

Question 6: Explain the Iterative Model for software development.

Question 7: Explain the Spiral Model for Software Development. How does the risk factor affect the spiral model for software development.

Question 8: What do you understand by the term Software reliability ? Explain the differences between software reliability and hardware reliability.

Question 9: What is difference between software failure and Software faults?

Question 10: What do you understand by the SRS? Explain the characteristics of a good SRS.

Question 11: What is Structure Chart ?

Question 12: What is DFD? Explain different notation to be use in DFD.

Question 13: Explain Different Level of DFD with Example.

Question 14: Explain the COCOMO Model in detail.

Question 15: What do you understand by Software Testing? Explain the different level of Software Testing.

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