A Brief History of Cyber Crime Status in India

Status of Cyber Attacks in India from 1 Januaryy 2017 to June 30 June 2017

In every 10 minutes there is one cyber crime in  India . In the starting of 2017 the ransomeware attack that hit hundereds of the systems. From that day at least one cyber crime was reported every 10 minute in India in the first six months of this year. This counting is much larger than the year 2016 when one such type of crime was reported eveery 12 minutes.
According to data report of the  ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team)  a total of 27482 cases of cyber crime have been reported from January 1 to June 30. These cyber crime attacks include phishing, scanning, probing, website intrusion, defacement, virus and malicious code, ransom ware and denial of services attacks.
cyber crime status in india
Use of the internet is increasing day by day in India.As more Indians go online, in keeping with center ‘s push for less cash economy and digital India.the cyber expert said putting in place the critical infrastructure to predict and prevent the cyber crimes was the key.
I think Government should take this issue seriously. Currently, the government of India is motivating to Indians to do the business transaction online but the government is not ready to stop such type of cyber crime, we do not have that type of infrastructure. Actually, it is not just enough to make efforts at the government level, which is, in some one happening but cyber crime affects hundreds of individual system and firms all of whom need to be ready with the specialized team.
India has seen a total of 1.71 lakh cyber crime in past three and half years and number of cyber crime so far this year. This amount indicates that total number is likely to cross 50000 by December in 2017.
According to the analysis of this data from 2013 to 2016 network scanning and probing seen as the first step to detect any vulnerabilities in the system. The expert pointed out that these were indication of increasing cyber crime as a service besides attack of ransomware.

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