“C programming language is a very important programming language for freshers from technical interview point of view. Sometime interviewers ask some tricky questions. Interviewer also asks students to write  some well known  program in  C programming language. In previous post I have posted some questions from C programming language. In this post again I am talking about some other important questions to be asked in technical interview at freshers level for Computer Science Students.”


Question 1:What is typedef in C?

Question 2: What is a void Pointer ?

Question 3: What is Null Pointer in C?

Question 4: What is Difference between malooc() and calloc() ?

Question 5: what do u understand by static identifier in C ? 

Question 6: What is enumeration in C ?

Question 7: Where auto variable are stored ?

Question 8: What is difference between *ptr++ and &++*ptr ?

Question 9: What is difference between = and == operator?

Question 10: What is register variable ?

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