Computer networks gate questions with answers Practice SET 1

Computer Networks GATE Practice Questions
Computer networks gate questions with answers Practice SET 1

Objective of this computer network gate tutorial is provides some computer networks gate questions with answer for the preparation of gate cse exam.Such types of questions are generally asked in gate exam every year.

gate practice questions for computer networks
1 Marks Questions
Q1.Which protocol uses UDP as transport protocol?
Answer : a
Q2.Which of the following is false with regards to TTL
(a) TTL is used to avoid infinite looping
(b) TTL is used in debugging
( c ) TTL counts number of routers between source and destination
(d ) TTL used in likening
Answer : d
2 Marks Questions
Q3.Match the following
I.Application Layer a. L2TP
II.Session Layerb. DHCP
III.Physical Layerc. PPP
IV.Data Link Layerd.IEEE 802.3
(p) I – b, ii – a, iii – d,iv-c
(q) i- b, ii-c,iii-d, iv-a
(r) i- c, ii-a, iii-b,iv-d
(s) i- d, ii-c, iii-b, iv-a
Answer – p
Q4.Determine the correct option for the given assertion and reason
Assertion :In IEEE 802.3 is not suitable for client server application
Reason :In Ethernet there is a restriction onminimum size.
(a)Assertion and reason are true but this is not correct reason for the given assertion.
(b)Assertion and reason are false
(c)Assertion and Reason both are true.
(d)Assertion is true and reason is false.
Answer is b
Q5.Consider a class A, Class B and Class C network. Consider the given IP address and subnet mask
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
What is the address of the network in which host belong to.
Answer is b
Q6.A router receives an IP packet containing a data of 300 byte and it is forwarded to a network with maximum transmission unit of 80 bytes. Assume that IP header is 10 Byte long. Find the total fragment , more fragment and offset values
(a) 4, 1110,(0,10,20,30)
(b) 1,1110,(0,8.75,17.5,26.25,35)
(c) 5,1111,(0,8,17,26,35)
(d) none
Answer b
Q7.Match the following
P. This is network addressa. Host Id =0
Q. Host is this networkb. Inter process communication
R. Loop back addressc.All Zero
S. DHCP Clinetd. Network Id =0
(a) P-a, Q-b, R-c,S-d
(b) P-c, Q-b,R-c,S-d
(c) P-a, Q-d, R-b,S-c
(d) None
Q8.Find the false statement about HTTP
(a) HTTP run over TCP
(b) HTTP allows information to be stored in url
( c) HTTP describe the structure of web page
( d ) HTTP can be used to test the validity of hyper link test.
Answer – b
Q9. The check sum in IP header must be recomputed at every router because of change in
(a) TTL, header length, fragment offset, TOS , ME
(b) TTL, options, data, fragment offset, MF
( c ) TTL, options, identification, datagram length, fragment offset, MF
( d ) None of the above.
Answer – c
Q10. Which of the following statement is false about message diagram
(a) Achange to input 1 bit produce a different output.
(b) Given P, it is easy to compute MD(P).
( c ) Given MD ( P) , it is effectively impossible to find P
( d) Given P we can FindP’ such that MD(p’) =MD(P)
Answer -d
Some other computer networks gate questions with answer will be provided in next practice set.

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