Cost Considerations in Software Quality Process

Software Quality can be defined in different ways. A Software of quality ensures the reliability , useability, adaptable and maintainability features.

Reliability of software means te extent upto which a software can work without any failure. In order to maintain the quality of a software quality assurance process is adopted which enforce the some standards and technology that prevents the failure or fault to occur in software.

Different types of costs included in order to maintain the quaity of of software. Some of cost considerations in software quality are as follows.

(A) Prevention cost

Preventon cost include the cost related to cost of – 

  •    quality planning
  •    formal technical reviews
  •    testing equipment
  •    training

(B) Appraisal cost

Appraisal cost cover the coste related to in-process and inter-process inspection equipment calibration and maintenance testing.

 (C) Failure cost

 (D)  Internal failure cost

Internal cost is the cost related to   rework, repair, and failure mode analysis.

(E) External failure cost

External failre cost includes the cost related to the folowing
  •    complaint resolution.
  •    product return and replacement.
  •    help line support.
  •    warranty work.

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