Gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020

Gate cse syllabus

Before discussing about the gate cse syllabus I would like to tell you that every year approximate 150000 engineering graduated candidates from computer science and information technology branch give the exam of gate computer science and engineering.Before preparing the gate exam it is important to know about the gate cse syllabus so that you can take an idea of the topics to be asked in gate cse exam.
Here in this post I am providing you the gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020 exam. This syllabus for gate cse is valid for computer science as well as information technology branch.
This gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020 exam for computer science and information technology will contain all the topics which are asked commonly asked in the exam.
The gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020 is explained here subject wise.
gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020
(1) Engineering Mathematics
Engineering mathematics is an scoring subject from the gate cse exam point of view. In engineering mathematics most of the questions are asked from Discrete Mathematics, Linear algebra, Calculus, probability and Matrix . Sections . The gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020 for these sections is given below
(a) Discrete Mathematics
Propositional and first order logic, Sets, relations, functions, partial orders and lattices,groups,Graphs: connectivity, matching, coloring.Combinatorics: counting, recurrence relations, generating functions.
(b) Linear Algebra
Matrices, determinants, system of linear equations, eigen values and eigen vectors, LU decomposition.
Limits, continuity and differentiation. Maxima and minima. Mean value theorem. Integration.
(d) Probability
Random variables. Uniform, normal, exponential, poisson and binomial distributions. Mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem.

 (2) Digital Logic

Digital logic design is another important subject from gate cse point of view. Every year approximate questions of 5-8 marks marks out of 100 are asked form digital logic design syllabus for gate cse. Questions from the topics to be asked from this subject are as follow
(a) Boolean algebra,
(b) Combinational and sequential circuits.
( c) Expression Minimization.
( d) Number representations and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).

(3) Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer organization and architecture .Computer organization and architecture covers 12-14 marks questions for gate exam  from the following topics from gate cse syllabus of computer organization and architecture.
(a) Machine instructions and addressing modes.
( c ) Instruction pipelining.
( d) Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory and secondary storage;
( e) I/O interface (interrupt and DMA mode).

(4) Programming and Data Structures

This subject covers approximate 10 marks questions out of 100.Syllabus of programming and data structure for gate computer science for GATE 2020 is given here.
(a) Following topics are important from gate point of view.
( c ) Recursion. Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees
( d) binary search trees, binary heaps, graphs.

(4) Algorithms design and analysis

Algorithm design and analysis covers 4-5 marks out of 100.Generally questions are asked on the following topics of gate cse syllabus.
(a) Searching, sorting,
(b) hashing.
(c) Asymptotic worst case time and space complexity.
(d) Algorithm design techniques: greedy, dynamic programming and divide‐and‐conquer Graph search, minimum spanning trees.
gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020

(5) Theory of Computation

One of the most important subject for gate cse exam. Every year around 14 marks questions are asked from this subject in GATE cse exam.Gate cse syllabus for theory of computation is as follows
(a) Regular expressions and finite automata.
(b) Context-free grammars and push-down automata.
(c) Regular and context-free languages, pumping lemma.
(d) Turing machines and undecidability.

(6) Compiler Design

Second most important subject for GATE 2020 cse exam approximate 8-10 marks questions are from this subject.Topics for gate cse syllabus from compiler design are as follows
(a) Lexical analysis and parsing
(b) syntax-directed translation.
(c) Runtime environments.
(d) Intermediate code generation.

 (7) Operating System

Operating system is third most important subject for gate cse exam It covers 8 marks questions out of 100. Syllabus of operating system for GATE 2020 is.
(a) Processes, threads, inter‐process communication
(b) Concurrency and synchronization.
(c) Deadlock.
(d) CPU scheduling.
(e) Memory management and virtual memory.
(f) File systems.

(8) Database Management System

Some general topics to be asked in gate exam are as follows. Dbms covers approximate 5 -6 marks out questions of 100. Gate cse syllabus of database management system for GATE 2020 is
(b) Relational model: relational algebra, tuple calculus, SQL. Integrity constraints, normal forms.
( c ) File organization, indexing (e.g., B and B+ trees).
( d) Transactions and concurrency control.
(9) Computer Networks
Covers approximate 8 marks computer networking mcq out of 100. Computer networks syllabus for gate cse is as follow-
(b) LAN technologies (Ethernet).
(c) Flow and error control techniques, switching.
(d) IPv4/IPv6, routers and routing algorithms (distance vector, link state).
(e) TCP/UDP and sockets, congestion control.
(f) Application layer protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP).
(g) Basics of Wi-Fi.
(h) Network security: authentication, basics of public key and private key cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, firewalls.
gate syllabus for GATE 2020

(10) General Aptitude

Questions related to general aptitude are asked in gate exam this section covers approximate 15 marks out of 100.

General Aptitude Syllabus for GATE 2020

The main important thing about the syllabus for General Aptitude for gate cse is that this is common in all the subject papers of GATE 2020. Generally 10 questions among the 65 questions of GATE exam are asked form general aptitude section every year in GATE exam. The remaining 55 questions are subject specific. The general aptitude section is divided into two parts first is Verbal Ability and second part is Numerical Ability. The syllabus for both the parts is given here as per gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020.

 Verbal Ability syllabus for GATE 2020

Under verbal ability questions based on following topics are asked in GATE exam.
English grammar
Sentence completion
Verbal analogies
Word groups
Critical reasoning
Verbal deduction

Numerical Ability syllabus for GATE 2020

Under Numerical Ability questions based on the following topics are asked in GATE exam.
Numerical computation
Numerical Estimation
Numerical reasoning
Data Interpretation
Detailed information about the different topics is given below
Sets and Venn Diagram
Number System
Linear Equations
Percentage , profit and Loss
Simple interest and compound interest
Ratio, Proportion
Average and Mixture
Time and Work
Time Speed and Distance
Numerical series and sequences
Permutation and combination
Data sufficiency
Data Interpretation
I would like to tell the GATE 2020 Aspirants that they must go through the exam pattern and marking scheme of the GATE 2020 and after that start preparation accordingly. 

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