Information Security policy and its Importance

In the present time security of information should maintain properly in order to keep it safe from unauthorized persons. For the proper use of information an  Information security policy design by the organization.

Information Security Policy

Information security policy is the documentation of organizational level decisions on safeguarding the information while taking these decisions. Top level employee of an organization like Senior Managers, CEO sometime face difficulty in making choice of resources allocation, competing objectives and organizational strategy related to technical and information resources.So for effective results an information security policy should be a part of the organizational asset management program.

Importance of Information Security Policy

  • Overall objective behind developing , designing  and implementing the information security policy is to protect maintain the integrity , confidentiality and availability of the information.
  • Information security policy should be part of any organizations overall assets security policy this policy is a part of business process that allows management with the process to perform responsibility.
  • Management of organization has trust to ensure that adequate controls are in place to safeguard the assets of an enterprise.

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