Interview Questions in DataBase Management System

Database Management System is a collection of data and the programs to perform the operations on the stored data. These operations may be accessing that data from database, modifying and deleting the data stored in database. 
Database Management System is an important subject from Technical Interview point and also for GATE and NET exam. 

Basic questions from DBMS, some basic questions from database management system
Here are some basic important questions to be ask from Database Management System.

Question 1: Define the basic terms Data , Database, Database Management system.

Question 2: Explain the difference between Database Management System and Traditional File System.

Question 3: What are different Features of  Database Management System.

Question 4: Explain the three level architecture of Database Management System.

Question 5: Explain different types of Data Model.

Question 6: What do you understand by the term Data Independence? Explain different types of data independence.

Question 7: Explain the overall structure of database.

Question 8: Explain the following term
                      (1) Data Redundancy.
                      (ii) Data Isolation.
                     (iii) Data Inconsistency
                     (iv) Database schema
                     (v)  Procedural and non procedural language
                     (vi) DML compiler
                    (vii) DDL Interpreter
                     (viii) Data Abstraction

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