Software Quality and Quality Assurance Activities

Software Quality 

There is no fixed definition of software quality. It can be defined in many ways. From a user point of view 

– A software is of good quality if it fulfils all requirements.

– A software is of good quality if a user is satisfied he or she not facing any difficulty during its use.

– A Software quality is just related to level of satisfaction of it’s user.

Here the goal is  to achieve high-quality software product, Software quality can be defined as – 

Conformance to explicitly stated functional and performance , requirements, explicitly documented development standards, and implicit characteristics that expected of al professional developed software.

Three import points for quality measurement:

  •  Use requirements as the foundation.
  •  Use specified standards as the criteria.
  •  Considering implicit requirements

Software  Quality Assurance

” Software Quality Assurance enforce the standards and techniques that improve the quality of development process “

Some Facts About quality assurance

  • The first formal quality assurance and control function was introduced at Bell Labs in 1916 in the manufacturing world.

  •  During the 1950s and 1960s, the programmers controls their product quality.

  •  During the 1970s, quality assurance standards were introduced first in   military contract software development.
Now a question comes in mind that Who involves in quality assurance activities and what are these activities ?

So the answer is Software engineers, project managers, customers, sale people, SQA group Engineers involved the quality assurance activities like –
  •   apply technical methods and measures
  •    conduct formal technical review
  •    perform well-planned software testing

The SQA group’s role  serves as the customer’s in-house representative assist the software engineering team in achieving high-quality.

The SQA group’s responsibility:

  •  Quality assurance planning oversight, record keeping, analysis and reporting The SQA group’s tasks:
  • Prepare a SQA plan for a project.
  •  Participate in the development of the project’s software process description.
  • Review engineering activities to verify compliance with the defined process.
  •  Audits designated software work products to verify compliance the defined process.
  • Ensure the deviations in software work and products according to a documented procedure.
  •  Records any noncompliance and reports to senior management

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