The Right to Privacy of a Child – Parent Dont Post

Now a day most of the parents post and share the photos of their baby ,or children  on social media platform like facebook , WhatsApp and many other. They don’t realize that they are creating digital identities for their children long before they enter into the virtual world.

According to a recent survey of 2000 parents by the parent zone , a UK based site the average parents will post almost 1000  photos of their child online before he or she turn five. A survey of 249 parent – child pairs across 40 states by researchers at the university of Washington and university of Michigan found that children are twice as likely to ask adult to not over share by posting information about them online without their permission. 

privacy of child on social media

Online posts by parents of their children potentially breach article 9 of France;s civil code, which provides that “everyone has right to respect for his or her private life”.

A handful of parents are now recognising and respecting their children rights to privacy. A recent study by Professional  Association for childcare and Early years found that 4% of childcare professionals have seen sign that children aged 3-5 in their care are unhappy with their appearance or body and 47 %  have witnessed body images anxieties in children aged 6 – 10.

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