Uptu previous year questions paper of database management system

Database Management System NCS 502
Time : 3 Hrs                                                                           MM:100
1.      Attempt all parts. All parts carry equal marks.                                       ( 2 * 10 = 20)
(a)    What is DBMS?
(b)   What is data model? List some type of data model.
(c)    What is trigger?
(d)   What is normalization?
(e)    What are ACID properties?
(f)    What is concurrency?
(g)    What are different state of transaction?
(h)   Define Data Independency?
(i)     Define Integrity Constraint?
(j)     Define Serializability ?
                 SECTION – B
2.      Attempt any five Questions                                                                  ( 5  * 10 =50)
(a)    What is Deadlock? How to prevent Deadlock?
(b)   Explain three level schema of Data Base Management System.
(c)    What are different characteristics of DBMS?
(d)   What do you understand by ER Diagram? Make an ER Diagram for Library Management system.
(e)    What is schedule? Explain View Serializability.
(f)    Write the difference between DBMS and Traditional File System.
(g)    Explain Embedded SQL and Dynamic SQL in detail.
3.      Attempt any Two questions from this section.                                     ( 2 * 15=30)
(a)    What do you understand by Relational Algebra? Explain different Relational Algebra Operations supported in SQL. Write SQL statement  for each operation.
(b)   What do you mean by Normalization ? Explain 1 NF, 2 NF, 3NF, BCNF with example.
(c)    Explain the following protocol for concurrency control
(1)   Lock Based Protocol.
(2)   Time stamp based protocol.

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